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Pablo Povarchik

Why Prezi?

Freedom and that fine intersection between Arts and Technology

Pablo Povarchik with David Adler at GatherGeeks
Elizabeth Barry on how to engage your audience and stakeholders through powerful communication


The Conversational Presenter

I have always been an outgoing person and a devil’s advocate as a child. Making new friends and leading crowds came naturally to me. I never minded exposing myself, talking about my feelings, or getting into embarrassing situations.

But I am afraid to death of public speaking. Well, maybe less so today. Fast heartbeat, sweaty hands, and tongue-tied. And I feel like a fraud. And why would people be interested in listening to me at all? My foreign accent is strong. And what if they ask me a question about something that I don’t know? And the list goes on…

What would it take to overcome my fears and make reality my mind’s eye’s dream of a successful guy on stage that everybody applauds, gets recognition, and a line of prospective customers waiting for an autograph and a ready-to-sign contract in hand? (I dream small.)

20 years forward, when pushed in front of an audience (yep, I still need a push, that didn’t change, and prospects don’t line up for autographs, but they often approach me to discuss their presenting challenges), I feel a little less of a fraud and my heart doesn’t dance the conga anymore.

The Conversational Presenter 

is a model that I developed to overcome my lack of presenting skills, and to help others overcome theirs, and is based on three critical aspects of great performances (because Presenting is Performing):

Business Storytelling and Conversational Presenting

or how to effectively apply storytelling to your sales meetings and keynotes. I will help you (and your team) to break-down and restructure your linear slides into a conversational narrative plenty of stories and to present in a dozen different ways with the same deck.

Visual Storytelling

or how to make (or get done) and use visual aids to create ROI. Through my company, wOw Prezi, I can help you designing gorgeous presentations that are conversational and engaging. As a consultant, I can help you set up, and implement, the ideal software stack for your process.

Soft Skills with Elizabeth Barry

or how to engage your audiences and stakeholders through powerful communication. With my dear friend and partner, Elizabeth Barry, we will shake your team’s fears about presenting techniques, body language, and making lasting impressions.


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